Easy-Install LED Lighting Kits For Trucks, Trailers & More

durable, weatherproof led light pods

We've Got The Right Kit and Color For You!

Our LED lighting kits are available in multiple strip sizes for uses including truck beds, trailers, snowmobiles, box trucks, boats, sheds, safes, containers, and more. Most kits are available in white, green, red, or blue.

Easy To Mount, No Drill Required

All of our kits can be installed using self-adhesive 3M tape for easy, no-drill installation. Each kit includes a convenient toggle switch, fuse & fuse holders, wire connectors, ring terminals, zip ties and alcohol prep pads.

Direct 12v Wire or AA Battery Powered

Our LED light pods are super bright yet draw very little power. Depending on the kit, power sources include AA battery pack, AC adapter, or a direct 12v source such as your truck battery.

Our Most Popular Lighting Kits

Truck Bed Lighting Kit

Ten feet of LED light pods, wired directly to truck battery or included AA battery pack. Easy-mount switch. Available in white, blue, red, or green.

Trailer Lighting Kit

Two 10-foot LED light pod strips, AA battery pack, wiring kit, and easy-mount toggle switch. Available in white, red, blue, or green.

Boat Lighting Kit

10 feet of super-bright, low-draw, waterproof LED light pods that wire directly to your boat's 12V battery. Multiple colors available.

Gun Safe Lighting Kits

From 5' to 15' of LED light pod strips, powered by AA battery pack (small kit) or AC adapter with on/off motion sensor (deluxe kit).

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